Student Council

At Bristol Technical Education Center our Student Council consists of high school students and adult education students. We believe that every student in our school should have a say in what happens in our environment. We discuss matters such as fundraisers, school spirit and what we can do to improve the overall climate of our school. Student Council is an important part of our school and we try to make it the best it can be.

(L to R) Corey Wilson, Grant Kavanah, Ethan Hoyt, Brandon Collin,Trae Hicks, Jessica Buchas, Dan Casarotto, Devon Judge, Cassidy Daigle, Eden Levesque, Chris Nunes, Stephan Bruce, Aires Borysewicz, Ryan Sager


Brent Davenport

2016-2017 Officers

Brandon Collin

Vice President
Trae Hicks

Devon Judge

Aries Borysewicz

Publicity Advisor
Stephen Bruce


Corey Wilson, Trae Hicks

Jessica Buchas, Cassidy Daigle


Rryan Sager

Grant Kavanah, Brandon Collin

Precision Machining
Dan Casarotto, Stephen Bruce

 Chris Nunes, Eden Levesque

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Blood Drive
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Join us for Lunch
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Tools And Uniforms
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Student Workforce

Student Workforce
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