In our modern industrial kitchen, student chefs and bakers learn basic culinary skills and apply those concepts to successfully plan and prepare quality food products. Authentic learning experiences prepare students to operate our school’s daily lunch program, school dining room restaurant, and community catering service. Our curriculum emphasizes basic food safety practices for preparing and serving food, recipe interpretation and design, inventory ordering/control, management, customer service, and workplace readiness. Eligible students can further enhance their learning by participating in one of our paid Work-Based Learning (WBL) placements.

The future looks extremely promising for those interested in a career in Culinary Arts. The work is becoming increasingly specialized requiring experience and well-trained workers. Career opportunities in the field include:

  • Restaurant Chefs and Institutional Chefs
  • Butcher and Meat Cutters
  • Fast Food Cooks
  • Bread and Pastry Chefs
  • Food Workers in Grocery Stores
  • Restaurant and Hotel Food Service Managers
  • Prep Cooks and Line Cooks
  • Cafeteria Cooks

Upon graduation, Bristol T.E.C. students are eligible for immediate employment in an accelerated entry-level culinary position in food service establishments such as restaurants, casinos, commercial kitchens, catering facilities, retail or commercial bakeries, corporate dining or institutional food service companies. Successful students completing this program will be able to pursue a post-secondary two- or four-year degree in Culinary Arts, Hospitality or Food Service Management. Additionally, our post-secondary students receive a 900-hour certificate that can be applied towards a state apprenticeship as a chef or baker. Our high-school students receive a 720-hour certificate.

According to The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for chefs and head cooks in this area is projected to increase by at least 9% from 2014 to 2024.

For the latest projections, visit:

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