The CTECS Parent & Student Handbook outlines the rules and regulations for each school within our system. Every student must follow these rules at all times. When you are part of our school system, you represent the technical school community and the State of Connecticut and should act in a way that will make us proud!

All district policies can be viewed here.

Students attend Bristol TEC for the sole purpose of completing one of our six career and technical education programs of study. Academic courses are no longer offered at Bristol TEC. All academic coursework required for high school graduation is completed by the student at his/her sending school. Some districts will allow students to complete their academic requirements on-line, before or after school, and/or over the summer.

In addition, our high school students have opportunities to participate in their sending school’s extra-curricular and athletic activities (contingent upon meeting the eligibility criteria set forth by each sending school). Successful seniors earn a high school diploma from their sending school and a technology certificate from Bristol TEC.

Post Graduates:  Students must pass their program of study (60 or better) and complete 900 hours of related instruction in order to receive a Bristol TEC Technology Certificate.

High School: Students must pass their trade/technology program (60 or better) and complete 720 hours of related instruction in order to receive a Bristol TEC High School Technology Certificate and earn 5 high school credits.